Reuben {Baby Photography Sutton}

A little preview for you this morning of this beautiful boy's baby photography session along with his big sister at their home in Sutton. It was my second visit to the family and it was a delight to be welcomed back to meet Reuben and to see how Abby has blossomed into such a beautiful young girl. We had lots of fun singing and cuddling on the bed, breaks for snoozing and snacks (obviously!), followed by more snuggles. Is there any better morning?!

We had to postpone our initial shoot because of chicken pox, so it was good to see everyone fighting fit. I'm always really flexible when it comes to illness/teething/ or even just general under-the-weather-ness because poorly babies and photo sessions are not always the best of friends. Obviously with chicken pox it's a not starter, but even if it's as just as mild as a cold or a bout of bad teething I sometimes find it better to postpone to ensure we get the best images for my families. My years of experience have taught me that, just as with adults, all babies are individual and so react very differently to feeling poorly!

I just love these snuggly shots of mum and her minis...memories to treasure forever

Surrey Family Photographer | Baby Photography Sutton

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