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Edward | Newborn Photographer Teddington

Oh little Edward, he really didn't want to settle and have a sleep. So very common at around the 3-week mark when they suddenly decide to wake up to see what's going on in this big ol' exciting world of ours! He didn't want to miss a thing.

Very luckily for me, it meant that I was able to steal some cuddles from him whilst I settled him to sleep away from the smell of his mama's milk. I don't think you'd know from the images below that he was a little unsettled at first because he looks so calm and the perfect mini model!

I don't put time limits on my sessions for exactly this reason, every mini is different and adopting a baby-led approach really works for me.

I've been really enjoying all of my newborn sessions recently. If you're considering booking your own session I'd love to hear from you at The ideal time for newborn photographs is in the first 10 days when they are all furled up still, and very, very sleepy - but as these images prove, 3 weeks in works beautifully as well :)

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