Photographic styles - what are your options? Lifestyle, documentary or classic?

If you’re an expectant or new parent you’ll be keen to book the right photographer for you. Booking the right newborn photographer will ensure you love your images as much in 10-20 years time as you do right now.

There are lots of options available - Lifestyle, Reportage, Classical – baby photography has certainly evolved!

So, what do these terms mean and which style will suit your family best?

Documentary / Reportage Photography

Documentary photography means it occurs naturally, the photographer will just observe the action unfolding but not intervene in any way. They will act as a fly on the wall.

This is a becoming a popular choice for christening and wedding photography because the results are candid and the lack of intervention means the images have a rawness to them. Birth photography is also gaining popularity in this style, which lends itself completely to reportage in it's nature.

Classic Portraiture

At the other end of the scale you will find classic portraiture.

This is where the photographer has control over everything within the image – the light, composition, posing angles, what’s in the frame and what’s outside of it. Even down to the tiny details such as hand positioning and expression.

Classic portraiture typically takes place in a studio where light and backgrounds can be easily controlled.

Lifestyle Photography

This is the style that my photography falls under, and which makes my heart really happy.

It sits between documentary and classic portraiture, borrowing elements from both styles.

It is documentary in its nature because once I’ve set up a family in nice light and with something to do (a game, or a book for example), I simply wait for the magic to happen and capture the action as it unfolds.

The moments are real and authentic, but I could never have achieved such a variety of photographs in two hours had I not intervened to move the family along with games, songs and a little direction.

This kind of photography doesn’t take place in a studio. For me it’s about capturing the story of a family in personal surroundings such as their home or a place that has special meaning to them.

So what’s your preference? Documentary Devotee, Classical Connoisseur or Lifestyle Lover?

If you think you might be a lifestyle photography lover then we could be a great match!

Why not drop me a note via my contact form, drop me an email or sign up for my newsletter.

If you’re an expectant or new parent, you can also sign up for my guide to photographing your baby’s first year!

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