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Mama-to-be | What to pack in a genuinely useful hospital bag?

Johanna is an experienced mum of three, midwife at Kingston hospital and antenatal class teacher at The Bump Class. Her years of experience both personally and professionally mean she is perfectly placed to share hints and tips with expectant and new mummies!

There are so many articles regarding what to pack in your hospital bag and a list as long as your arm from the NCT teacher.

So how do you know just what the essentials are? I caught up with Johanna over coffee just recently to find out..

The Essential Hospital Bag

First of all, she recommends packing separately for mummy and baby

For Mummy

  • Large pack of cotton maternity pads - you'll need these throughout birth as well as in the days following so make sure you pack plenty.

  • 3 pack of short, loose cotton nighties with buttons for easy breastfeeding - Ones that are practical and you don't mind messing up a bit, M&S is a good stop for these.

  • Slippers that you don't mind throwing away. If you are going for a baby moon at a hotel then grab a pair or two of the disposable ones from the spa - they'll be ideal.

  • Dressing gown - choose a thin, light cotton one.

  • Small snacks - think jelly beans, dextrose tablets and anything energy packed.

  • Energy drinks - make sure they have a sports cap for easy sipping.

  • Phone charger. This one needs no explanation.

  • Travel sized toiletries

  • A comfortable change of clothes for the journey home

For Baby

  • 3 baby grows in newborn size. Not 0-3 because it's important for layers to be close fitting to keep the warmth in.

  • 3 baby vests or short sleeved body suits, again in newborn size.

  • One cotton hat in the smallest size

  • One pack of three muslins

  • One pack of nappies size 0

  • One pack of nappies size 1

  • Formula if you are planning on introducing it from day 1 as the hospital won't provide this.

  • Car seat!

Other hints and tips:

  • Know your hospital and what is open when (find out what time food is available for your other half and if necessary get him to take food so he doesn't have to survive on vending machine offerings)

  • Pack well in advance - at least 6 weeks before due date is ideal in case your baby decides to surprise you.

  • Research the parking in advance and ensure you have a plentiful supply of change for the meter, or have the relevant parking app downloaded and ready to go.

  • If you are having your baby in London, get a cab rather than drive.

Packing your hospital bag is such an exciting time and it really makes things everything feel real. While you're preparing your bag 6 weeks before your due date, why not also book your newborn session with me? It's the perfect time to get in touch. You can read more about my sessions here

Hopefully you've found this useful in preparing for the big day, Jo and I wish you a smooth and happy birth.

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