Why there's no better time to book your photography session

Surrey Newborn Photographer | Why there's no better time to book your photography session

I have a confession.

I'm a bit of a procrastinator.

If there's something to put off, hands up you'll find me doing it tomorrow. This month I'm dealing with it head on by detailing EVERYTHING in Wunderlist. So far, so good!

But let's be honest...There are a million things in life worth putting off, such as:

  • Decluttering the 'odds and bobs' draw

  • Carrying out the annual wardrobe purge

  • Dry cleaning those silk shirts at the bottom of your laundry basket (you know the ones...we all have them!

Not so with your family's photographs.

You've probably considered booking a photographer for some time but not gotten around to it? The little voices will be whispering to you...

...our home is too small

...I should shift this extra half stone first

...I'll book once I'm getting a decent night's sleep

...our home is not 'finished' in the style that I'd like

And I completely get it. It's a big thing to invite a photographer into your bubble, and you want to feel and look your best.

But let me tell you something, the first year may be exciting and overwhelming, sleepless and chaotic. But this is you. As you are. Right at this moment. It's a special time and it's so fleeting... and not one that waits around for all of your ducks to be aligned.

Ten years from now I can promise you one thing. You won't be looking over your photographs ever regretting having them taken. You'll only see the adoration and love for one another in the images and feel so proud of yourself that you took it into your hands to make it happen.

Don't procrastinate a moment longer. I can help to capture these memories for you but only you can make it happen...and you'll be glad you did.

So seize the day. Send me an email, drop a message via my contact form or sign up for my newsletter below and lets do this!

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Lucy x

Surrey Baby Photographer | Why there's no better time to book your photography session

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