Newborn photography Surrey | What's the best age to have newborn photos?

Newborn photography Surrey | What's the best age to have newborn photos?

You're expecting - many, many congratulations from me to you!

It's truly one of the most special and exciting times when you are awaiting the pitter patter of tiny toes.

I remember it so clearly. You'll have so much to think about before baby's arrival... arranging your John Lewis nursery advice appointment, choosing buggies and other parenting essentials and packing your hospital bag. Not to mention staying fit and well, looking after your health and attending all of your pre-natal checks. It's a busy old time so don't forget to book your newborn photography session nice and early so that it's one thing less to think about as you approach the big day.

I recommend booking your session a couple of months before your DD, so that I can build flexibility into my diary and ensure that we can work around your dates, because as we all know - baby will come when he's good and ready.

My newborn photography is very natural (you can read all about what to expect from my sessions here). I don't ever pose newborns in uncomfortable or unnatural looking positions. I advise that you have your newborn shoot in the first couple of weeks following birth to guarantee the best results.

There are a few reasons for this...

  • After 14 days newborn babies tend to 'wake up' and become far more aware of their surroundings, at this time they're not yet fully in control of their facial movements or eyes which does make for some interesting images.

  • After 3 weeks you also find that some babies will develop baby acne and become much fussier.

  • All in all, having the shoot in the first 10 days means that they are more settled and sleepy, and the session will feel calmer for you.

I hope you've found this an interesting read, if you're expecting a new baby why not contact me for more information or email - I'd love to hear from you.

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Newborn photography Surrey | What's the best age to have newborn photos?

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