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To share or not to share... {Surrey baby & newborn photography}

Living where I do, I meet a lot of families who for whatever reason ask me to exercise confidentiality over their images - many of these families are in the public eye but for some it's just a preference not to share images of their children online.

It's a really personal thing. Whatever the reasons, I will always honour the wishes of my clients - They come first.

It's a bit of a hot topic at the moment what with the GDPR changes coming in from May. I have heard of some photographers who will only shoot for families who agree upfront that they will be able to share the images on social media and for marketing purposes, which I think is unfair - people have the right to change their minds at ANY point in the photographic process. I think GDPR will change this up.

Not to say it doesn't pain me sometimes....some of my MOST favourite images are ones that I have not been able to share with the world. I photograph a lot of babies and newborns in Surrey and as a creative bod it's in my blood to want to shout about how beautiful these little people are, but I will always respect my client's wishes.

Just my musings on the issue. Is confidentiality something that's important to you and your family? Maybe it's even put you off of hiring a professional to take your family photographs? Working with someone you know will respect your wishes is so important. Maybe you might like to find out more about me or discover what you can expect from a lifestyle photography session with me

Natural Surrey Baby Photographer | Beautiful in-home newborn and baby photography across Surrey and SW London

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